• Thanksgiving week schedule and Mondays WOD

    Great Job last week Flight Crew on some very tough WODS! Hope your legs have recovered for todays 😉  This week is Thanksgiving & we will be closed on Thursday. I wish you all a very Happy Turkey Day!  I have a lot to be thankful for, one of the big things is being able to coach such an amazing and diverse group of Athletes.
    I’ve decided to have WODS for those of us who will not be standing in the crazy lines for Black Friday.  Or those of you brave enough to venture out can come join us afterwards at 8am & 9am, I think most of you will be off from work that day & may want to come burn off some calories from Thursday. Pass the word 8am & 9am. Bring friends and family if you like, i’ll keep the WOD simple and fun. I’ll also be running some Black Friday specials if you know anyone interested in joining our flight crew!

    We will not have Yoga on Friday at 6am or 9am, just WODs @ 8am & 9am

    Run 400/ Row 500/ or Jump Rope 3 min

    3 Rounds

    20 x Lateral hops over PVC
    15 x Pass Thrus
    10 x OH Squats

    Partner PVC Shoulder stretch
    Squat Mobility

    Warm up to 75% 3-4 sets
    5 @ 75%
    3 @ 85%
    1 or more @ 95%
    Back Squat (5-3-1)

    Perform 5 reps of ea exercise 1st round
    then 4 or ea, 3 of ea etc.

    Scale for Muscle ups Ring/Box dips + Pull up
    Do all dips 1st then pull-ups right after

    Metcon (Time)
    5-1 Exchange

    Squat Clean 155/105
    Muscle Ups

    Rest 3 Mins

    10-1 Exchange

    KB Snatches 50/35

    15 Minute time cap

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