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    Athlete Call Outs


    EMOM 10

    Even: 10 x Chest to Deck Pushups

    (No worming)

    Odd: 10 x Behind the neck strict PU’s

    or Scap Pull-Ups*

    *Scale to hang from bar for max time


    Scott Brooks 40th Bday WOD (AMRAP – Reps)

    Forty on 8/22

    (40 reps/round; 40 reps/movement)

    22 Minute time Cap

    5 Rounds: RX+

    8 Muscle-ups (ring or bar)

    8 Weighted pistols (35/25) – 4 per leg

    8 T2B

    8 Box Jumps (30/24)

    8 Deficit HSPU (45# plates – add 25# to that if using ab mat)

    Any remaining time under 22-min cap, max reps of bear complex (body weight on bar)

    1 bear = 5 reps

    Score is total reps in 22 minutes

    (So if you get all the way through the 5 rounds, plus get 5 bear complex, your score would be 200+25 = 225 reps)


    Sub MU for 1 C2B and 1 ring dip

    Regular pistols

    T2B and BJ same as RX+

    Regular HSPU

    75% of body weight on barbell for Bear

    Scale as necessary from there

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