• NYC 06/12/2017

    CROSSFIT FLIGHT – New You Challenge

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    Run 200m Row or Bike (move blood)

    3 Rounds

    10 Air Squat

    10 Pass thru

    10 Good Mornings


    Wall Ball

    Kettlebell Swing

    American vs Russian

    Focus / Review

    Row technique


    Transitioning into :30/:30, some can still choose to do :20/:40 this week, I’ll call out :20 and :30

    You will perform 10 Wall Balls & 10 RKBS even if it takes longer than :30

    Metcon (No Measure)

    EMOM 24 (6 sets)


    :30 Row

    10 Wall Balls

    10 RKBS

    :30 Plank

    RKBS = Russian Kettlebell Swing

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