• NYC 01/05/2017

    CROSSFIT FLIGHT, CrossFit Flight Grand Haven1 – New You Challenge

    Day 18! the last day of our challenge and time to test your fitness! Hopefully this isn’t the end of your fitness journey with us, I can speak for all of our coaches in saying this challenge has been amazing for us as well. We hope to continue to be your health and fitness care providers for many years to come

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    Bike & Row 2 minutes ea & switch


    3 Rounds

    5 push ups

    10 Air Squat

    15 JJ

    Focus / Review

    Squat technique (in warm up)

    Ring Rows vs Pull-Ups which are you more comfortable with for 10 reps?

    Rowing Technique


    This is an all out effort! We are testing how far you’ve come in 6 weeks

    We will run this in heats of 4 to cheer each other on for our final WOD!

    I will be available for an hour after each class today to go over results, ask you some questions and answer any questions you may have, also look at membership options going forward

    Baseline (Time)

    1 Round for time
    500m Row
    40 Squats
    30 Sit-Ups
    20 Push-Ups
    10 Pull-Ups


    We will be taking weight, final measurements and after pics as heats finish the workout. As you finish grab a foam roller and roll out and cheer on the next heats to finish!

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