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    Partner Med-Ball

    :30 each x 2 rounds

    Chest pass

    High Pass

    Granny Pass

    Right Twist pass

    Left twist pass

    Catch & Squat


    Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

    ” Man Overboard” teams of 5

    5 Rounds

    1. 250m Row

    2. Air Squats

    3. Kb Swings 50/35

    4. Deadlifts 185/125

    5. Du’s / Single Unders

    The rower is the ‘pace car’.

    The time it takes to row is the time you have to do each movement.

    Upon completion of the row, the rower yells out “Man Overboard” and the coach calls “Rotate” or “Switch”, everyone then moves to the next station.

    There is no rest in this workout: as soon as the Coach calls “Rotate” you may start the next exercise. Total score is total reps completed. The row does not count towards points. If you are trying for the highest score, you want to row as fast as possible to prevent others from being able to complete a lot of reps

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