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    Flight Crew! Saturday we will be having our Halloween WOD / Costume WOD.  Please come dressed for the occasion!  This is going to be a fun partner WOD.  Prize for best costume!

    25 x Jumping Jacks
    25 x Squats
    25 x Sit-ups
    25 x PushupsPass the Pumpkin / Pinch grip test
    Metcon (Time)
    HalloWOD / Partner WODDon’t drop the Pumpkin100 x Pumpkin Pass arounds
    80 x Pumpkin pick ups
    60 x Superhero L-Ups
    40 x Spellcasting Lunges
    40 x Wicked Wall Balls
    60 x Freaky Floor Presses/ Spider Holds
    80 x Tombstone jump overs
    100 x Frankenstein Knees

    * Collect 1 piece to your pumpkin after completing each exercise.  The WOD stops after wrapping & decorating your Pumpkin (Med Ball)

    ** 1 Burpee penalty ea athlete if the Med ball touches the ground. 2nd time = 2
    3rd time = 3…Etc.etc….


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