• Coach Raelynn’s 33rd Bday WOD

    Coach Raelynn’s 33rd Bday WOD

    Hey Flight crew! Had another amazing weekend of CrossFit Training, this week was Olympic lifting. The coaches are excited to share with you what was learned at Powerlifting, Endurance and Oly Lifting the past 3 weeks.

    Today’s WOD is for Coach Raelynn’s 33rd Birthday today. She helped me write it so you can blame her for how you are feeling afterwards 😉 It’s 3 Rounds of 3 movements of 11 reps each. 3 x 11 = 33. with 3 minutes of rest before performing another 3 rounds of different movements. We will be gathering Monday night @ 7:30pm at Itty Bitty to celebrate with the Flight crew, please come out if you can make it!

    This WOD is for Coach Raelynn’s 33rd Bday
    5 Minutes mobility of choice

    Animal Movements
    3 Rds

    Monkey Bars
    Bear Crawl
    Crab walk
    Backward, Sideway, Forward
    Duck Walk
    Inch Worms

    Change out weight on Barbell during 3 minutes of rest
    “Raelynn 33” (Time)
    3 Rounds

    11 x Bar Facing Burpees
    11 x Floor Press 95/65
    11 x Snatches 95/65

    Rest 3 minutes

    3 Rounds

    11 x Barbell Roll-Outs
    11 x Deadlifts 135/95
    11 x Clean & Jerks 135/95
    Extra Credit

    With remainder of hour

    Death by 40yd Sprints or work on a goat


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