• Athlete of the Month – October 2016

    It gives me the greatest pleasure to announce that the Schipper’s are the athletes of the month for October! They were some of the very first athletes at CrossFit Flight and continue to be a critical part of the crew. They recently welcomed a baby girl, Blair who, before she was born, already had her own hashtag: #babygirlBlair. I think we are all in agreement that the one of the best days of this year was when Brandon and Kristen showed up like:


    As an OG of CFF, it’s obvious that I love CrossFit and the CFF crew! There are so many things I love about both:  the daily challenges, the coaching, constant variety of workouts, competitions, competing (I mean working out) with Skip, etc. But it’s the CFF family that make it all so great.  It’s fun working out & being coached by some amazing, bad ass people, who all know how to enjoy themselves out of the gym too.
    I first started  4+ years ago as a way to supplement my running.  It’s now the opposite….although long WODs & cardio WODs are still my favorite.  Over this last year CrossFit proved the most beneficial to me by helping me have a healthy pregnancy, some sanity, an easy labor & delivery and a perfect baby girl.
    My next year at CFF will be new & the most challenging.   I’m looking forward to getting my groove back but know it will be hard to adjust to our new family schedule with baby girl Blair.   Luckily, there are moms at the gym that lead the way :)  looking forward to the challenge and support at CFF!  love this family!
    Okay….so like most people I started CrossFit as a replacement for all of the fitness I was attempting and subsequently tiring of; running, P90X, swimming etc
    We found Flight in its early stages back in 2011. This was before Froning and ESPN made CrossFit cool. Before people were sick of hearing about CrossFit and were genuinely interested in discussing this crazy gym we had joined. Back when the whiteboard was an actual whiteboard and everything was recorded in our CFF spiral notebooks instead of Wodify.
    Obviously our fitness and overall health has improved over the last 4 years, but Flight has certainly provided more than just a space to workout. I feel I’ve made just as many gains in my personal life as I have in the gym as a result of my time at Flight. The community aspect of CrossFit, while one of their trademarks, is still grossly understated. Flight is a truly special place and it wouldn’t be what it is without the Crew and Coaches.
    For the first time since joining Flight, the struggle to hit the gym after work has become real. I wake up every morning with all the motivation in the world to get in and get after the programming. But when the time comes to leave work, all I want to do is get home to spend time with Kristen and Blair. While I’m excited to work out with new folks on the regular, I dread that the Breakfast Club is in the near future…..so…damn…early….
    Blair decided to grace the world with her presence on her due date October 1! She couldn’t be any sweeter. It wasn’t a few days before her, mom and dad were back at the gym 😉
    We so look forward to the growth of Blair and the progress of her parents! Cheers to the Schipper’s and the first baby of CFF!

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