• Athlete of the Month – March 2015

    Another month, another pair of athletes needing recognition. This month Myka Nienhuis and Josh Danek were awarded the athlete of the month honor!

    11156269_1000284480015252_4893014403628222699_nMyka’s favorite thing about our box is the sense of family.

    “From the day I decided to begin CrossFit and join the Flight Crew, I have been warmly welcomed as a new member of the family. Everyone is extremely encouraging, whether it’s moving from a PVC pipe to a bar for a overhead squat (yay!) or to the athlete that RX’s every WOD…  The motivation from our box not only gets me through the door, but also gets me excited for the next day and looking forward to the next challenge!”

    I asked Myka who her greatest inspiration was and who she picked was interesting!

    “This may sound weird, but my parents voice from when I was young. I grew up with asthma and “weak ankles” (not sure where that came from). I was told I “wasn’t the athletic type” so I never once participated in nor encouraged to be in any sports activity. After a visit to my doctor two years ago and being informed I had basically no muscle (i.e. Sarcopenia / skinny fat),  I joined CrossFit Flight. Whether it is a difficult WOD, running, participating in the Open or the upcoming Festivus Games, I hear my parents telling the five year old me I am too weak to work out and that pushes me through. I now love talking to them about CrossFit, showing them photos and watching their eyes light up in wonder and amazement. Who knew at age 40, how good it feels to see your folks so proud!

    And also, an enormous shout out to Craig, who without him, I would have never had an ounce of confidence to think that the CrossFit world could be a part of my life. Last, the coaches!!! I mean, c’mon you guys ROCK!!! Thanks for pushing me and proving me wrong when it comes to the limits I give myself.”

    Myka’s major goals for this year are to get at least one pull up and to get her feet out of the cement and get over her fear of box jumps!


    Next up is Josh! Josh has been a part of the box for quite some time and has transformed into an amazing athlete. You can also find Josh volunteering at any possible event we host at the box. Here’s what we asked him:


    What was your draw to the gym?

    “My wife had visited and kept telling me it was a place that I would like. I finally listened to her. Once here, I’ve loved the variance in all of the wod’s. Previously, I would run and do some calisthenics to keep in shape, but it was very boring to me and not all that effective. I love all of the extra energy I have now.”


    What is your biggest CrossFit accomplishment?

    “My firsts. Getting my first muscle up, pistol, and my first double under were all pretty exciting.”


    Who is your biggest motivator?

    “I think this changes almost daily. I used to only pick someone who was near me and try and beat them every day. That still works, but I’m also motivated seeing a lot of the newer people find success. Seeing them finish a tough workout, get there firsts, etc… I find a lot of accountability in the 5am crew. If I was to miss a day, I know they would be asking where I was, so that also helps.”


    Congrats to both of you guys! You continue to motivate the rest of the Crew!


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