• Athlete of the Month – December 2015

    11252766_1070865016290531_1465450803905951082_nDecember’s Athlete of the Month was almost unanimous.

    The coaches have seen this guy work above and beyond the normal gym-goer. Dustin was a perfect candidate for AOTM. No matter what the workout is Dustin is always at the gym with the most positive attitude. When you are looking for encouragement, Dustin is the one to give it, along with a high-five after the workout is finished.

    Dustin has been a CrossFitter for about 11 months and in those months has improved not just physically, but mentally also.

    “CrossFit has put me in a better mood about life in general. I played basketball in college and when that competitive aspect of my life was done, I got really lazy. I was missing something for a while and CrossFit filled that void. My energy level has dramatically increased since I began CrossFit!”

    Here are a few more questions he answered:

    What is your favorite part about our box?

    One of my favorite things about the box are the stress relief the workouts and Flight Crew provide. It is a time where you can just check out from everything else, which is a great feeling. My other favorite thing is Saturday morning partner workouts. I like this most because the atmosphere is fun on Saturdays. The warm up seems a little more free spirited and I always seem to push harder knowing I have a partner I don’t want to let down. Plus seeing faces you don’t normally see throughout the week which is awesome.


    What was your original goal when you started? What would be your ultimate achievement?

    My goals when I first started was being able to do Double Unders and Kipping/Butterfly Pull Ups. My goals now are to get my Deadlift over 500, Squat over 400, Handstand Walk and be able to hit a Ring Muscle Up everyday.

    I think the ultimate achievement would be to have our box qualify a team for Regionals, which would be awesome!


    Anything else you want to share about your journey?

    Work hard, Encourage, Accept encouragement (this can be humbling at times when you are the last one still going), REST (it is a good thing), and Laugh!

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