• 11/22/2014


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    Down & Back animals (No Measure)

    Bear Crawl

    Crab Walk FWD

    Inch Worm Strut

    Backwards Bear Crawl

    Backwards Crap walk

    Backwards Inch Worm Strut

    Walking Lunges (broken cue)

    6pt Burpees


    Kirt’s 25th Bday WOD “Grippers” (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

    RX/RX+ = Solo. Or you can do as Partner

    AMRAP 11

    ***Walking*** farmers carry “laps” around the inside of the gym.

    1 Lap = 1 Round

    Rx 25 lb plates men/15 lb women

    RX+ Any weight over RX


    Drop the weight = 23 switch jump lunges “iron mikes”

    Partner–> Switch at anytime or drop the weight you must switch. The resting partner performs Iron Mikes as active rest

    Idea is forearm stamina not speed.

    *2 min rest*

    AMRAP 19

    89 x Dubs

    25 x HR Push-Ups

    10 x T2B

    50 x Squats

    Score is Rounds in WOD 1

    Plus Rounds and Reps in WOD 2

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