• 11/14/2013


    586 throwdownThis Saturday it’s going down!  CrossFit Flight vs 586 CrossFit Asylum!  Make sure you have travel arrangements & overnight accommodations (if you are staying) all set.  If you need a ride see coach John as I will be helping people set up rides all day Thursday, there are plenty of people going willing to carpool.

    RX Jump ropes will be here on Friday and I will be bringing the with me to the D.  I wish they were here a day or two earlier so we could use them in today’s skill and WOD.  But good news is we will have them for the competition.

    Here’s a great video on hand position for double unders from Dan Bailey.

    [youtube http://youtu.be/0Nv-IElur7U]

    McGill WarmUp
    Neck–> Chin to Chest x 10
    Neck –> Side to Side x 10
    Shoulder Rolls x10
    Arm Circles –> Forward x10
    Backward x 10, Each Arm
    Hip Circles (Hula Hoops) x 10
    Knee Circles x 10
    Ankle Circles x 10 each ankle
    Double Under & TGU Practice
    Metcon (Time)

    WOD 4 from Box Throwdown

    10 x TGU / 10 x Double Unders
    8 x TGU / 20 x Double Unders
    6 x TGU / 30 x Double Unders
    4 x TGU / 40 x Double Unders
    2 x TGU / 50 x Double Unders

    RX = 50/35 , Double Unders
    Scale A = 35/20, Double Unders
    Scale B = 35/20, 3 x Single Unders

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