• 11/12/2015


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    Box Jump/ Deadlift (No Measure)

    Pick 1

    Row 500 / Run 400 / Jump Rope 3 min

    2 Rounds

    3 x Inch Worm Push-Ups

    6 x Burpees

    9 x Jump Squats

    12 x Good Mornings


    Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

    4 Rounds

    :20 on :40 Rest

    Row (Cal)

    Deadlifts 185/135

    Lateral Bar Hops

    Move from one movement to the next

    4 Rounds total = 12 Minutes

    Score is total Reps
    Rest 5 Minutes


    Find 1RM C&J in 15 minutes

    Clean and Jerk (Find 1RM)


    5 min cool down 2 (No Measure)

    Hold each stretch for 30s then switch arms if working unilaterally. Hold for 1 minute if arms are working together

    Banded shoulder distraction with rotation

    LAX ball on traps and lats

    Twisting wall stretch for chest and lats

    Shoulder girdle opener facing the wall

    Proud gorilla stretch

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