• 11/07/2016

    CROSSFIT FLIGHT, CrossFit Flight Grand Haven1 – CrossFit

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    Coach Call Out’s #3 Warm Up (No Measure)

    Jumping Jacks


    Super slow perfect squats

    Fast Squats

    Spiderman/Super Squat

    Mt. Climbers

    Cat Cows

    Downward Dog

    Upward Dog

    Childs Pose


    EMOM 12

    Even: 2 MU + AMRAP Dubs in remaining time (up to 45)

    Odd: :30 Handstand walk, Handstand Hold, Wall Walks or Walk on hands around Box

    Scale for MU = 4 Ring Rows, 4 Dips then Single or Dub practice

    Can also scale BMU or MU progression on rings from floor


    RX goes in order we have 5 Rowers in GH and 8 in Holland. Scaled can go directly to OH squats if all rowers are taken. RX is 45/35 an empty barbell some may want to use a trainer bar, 100 OHS is a lot. Or even a PVC pipe

    2016 CrossFit Lift Off Event 3 (AMRAP – Reps)

    Complete as many rounds as possible

    in 15 minutes of:

    25 pull-ups

    50-calorie row

    100 overhead squats

    50 box jumps

    25 pull-ups

    M 45-lb. barbell and 24-in. box

    F 35-lb. barbell and 20-in. box

    1 Rd = 250

    If you get through 1 round you start at the top, so 25 pullups then another 25 pull-ups

    Auxiliary Training

    2016 CrossFit Lift Off 2016 Events 1 & 2 (Weight)

    1RM Snatch

    1RM Clean & Jerk
    Enter Combined weight for OLY total then add performance and add Snatch & C&J if you PR’d and want to record

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