• 10/27/2016

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    Bench Warm Up (No Measure)

    3 Rounds

    10 x Jumping Jacks

    10 x Arm Circles ea arm ea direction

    10 x Push -Ups

    10 x Band Pull-Aparts


    A: Bench Press (12,10,8,6)

    light warm up

    12 reps at a light weight, add weight for 10, as the reps decrease the weight increases building to a heavy 6


    B1) Ring Face Pulls 3 x 15


    adjust tempo to hit upper traps

    B2) 6-8 Strict or Weighted Ring Dips AHAP x 3

    *AHAP = thinnest band for 6-8 reps for scale, for RX As Hard As Possible with weight (chains or dip belt, DB or med ball btwn legs)

    You may need the rings higher for face pulls (See video) use a box or jump into the rings for the dips leave the rings set for the face pulls.

    B1 / B2 means superset between both for 3 sets

    Do 15 Ring Face pulls then 6-8 Dips = 1 set , repeat 2 more times


    C: AMRAP 5 Row 500/ Max OHS (AMRAP – Reps)

    AMRAP 5

    Row 500m


    Max OHS 95/65

    *Run in heats every 3 minutes

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