• 10/21/2013


    What an amazing time the Flight Crew had this weekend at Wodtoberfest.  I’m very proud of everyone that competed. Those of you who are on the fence about the competition side of CrossFit should talk to those who put it out on the line this weekend. It’s an amazing experience.  I’ll blog more about the actual event later on this week.  Today we are working on Front Squats for strength and some KB work for our Metcon.
    wodtoberfest group
    5 minute Hip / Bottom Squat mobility

    3 Rounds of Cindy

    5 x Pull-ups
    10 x Push-ups
    15 x Squats

    Warm up to 70%
    3 @ 70%
    3 @ 80%
    3 or more @ 90%
    Front Squat (3-3-3+)
    Metcon (Time)

    KB swings 50/35
    Goblet Squats
    Russian Twists (ea. side = 1 rep)

    Use same weight KB for all 3 movements
    RX = Feet off the ground
    Scale feet can be on ground

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