• 10/10/2016

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    MAP 10

    Coach Raelyn’s 36th birthday WOD is MAP 10 work

    For her 36th Birthday we’ll be doing 6 movements x’s :60 seconds ea

    The goal is aerobic capacity training w/ sustainability for the entire time working on pacing

    MAP 10 :60 x 8 #1 (No Measure)

    :60 at ea station x 8 rounds

    Sand bag/Dball/SlamBall Ground to Shoulder RX 150/100 GH AHAP


    FLR on low rings or plank

    RX = UB FLR on low rings


    Sled Pull or push

    200m run or :60 (:30 out :30 back)

    Rest 2 min between Rd 5-6,

    at the 24-26 minute mark

    to get a drink of water

    Keep it aerobic transition from 1 minute to the next. only rest is for 2 minutes from 24-26. Total work time is 48 minutes, total clock time is 50 minutes.
    Coaches explain, set up and start ea group of people at one of the 6 different stations and rotate through in this order

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