• 10/09/2014


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    Upper / Lower + To the left to the right (No Measure)

    3 Rounds

    10 x Pushups

    5 x Jump Squats

    To the left to the right x 15 burpees


    Metcon (Time)

    Couplet of Air Squats/ Situps

    30 x Squats 60 x Situps

    25 x Squats 50 x Situps

    20 x Squats 40 x Situps

    15 x Squats 30 x Situps

    10 x Squats 20 x Situps

    5 x Squats 10 x Situps.

    Squats start at 30 reps

    and decrease by 5 reps ea round.

    Situps are double the reps of the Squats in that round

    Extra Credit

    Optional Cashout:

    1 Mile Run


    1000m Row

    In either order not for time.

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