• 10/08/2014


    Coach Raelynn’s 34th Bday WOD

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    Raelynn’s Warm Up (No Measure)

    Run 200m

    10 x Arm Circles both directions

    10 x Band Pull-Aparts

    10 x Band Pass Thrus

    10 x Jumping Jacks

    Run 200m

    Spider Man Stretch

    10 x Mountain Climbers

    10 x Kb Swings

    Goblet Squat bottom hold

    10 x Air Squats


    Raelynn’s 34th Bday WOD (Time)

    RX+: WOD Solo, Carry 1 Plate

    RX: w/ partner as prescribed (each run with one weight); share reps as decided

    Scaled: w/ partner non prescribed weight

    Run with lightest plate or Med Ball

    RX Women’s = 10’s, 15’s, (2 pairs) 25’s

    RX Men’s = 10’s, 25’s, (2 pairs) 45’s

    19 x Burpees

    Run 200m

    80 x Strict Press (45/35)

    *Scaled may push press

    Run 400m with 25lb./15lb.

    34 x Snatch (95/65)

    Run 200m with 45lb./25lb.

    34 x C&J (155/115)

    Run 400m with 25lb./10lb.

    34 x Floor Press (185/135)

    Run 200m with 45lb./25lb.

    34 x Deadlift (245/185)

    Cash Out: 107 DUBs

    Scaled: 198(0 – just kidding) Singles

    *34 Minute time cap

    for every rep short add 1 second to your time.
    The only way to go solo is RX+

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