• 10/05/2016

    CROSSFIT FLIGHT, CrossFit Flight Grand Haven1 – CrossFit

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    Deadlift Warm-up #2 (No Measure)

    Run 400/ Row 500 or Jump Rope 3 min


    20 x Jumping Jacks

    20 x Lunges

    15 x Rollover 2 V-sit

    15 x Good Mornings

    10 x Scorpions

    10 x Hollow Rock 2 Supermans

    5 x Burpees

    5 x Inch Worm Push-Ups


    EMOM 16

    Odd 1.1.1 Conventional Deadlift (3 singles not touch and go, reset for each pull from the floor)

    Even 10 T2B, K2E or Knee raises

    Kipping only, no singles or strict

    If you can’t kip T2B practice kipping K2E or Knee raises.

    If you can’t kip 10 unbroken kip as many as you can then finish

    Deadlift (1.1.1 @ 70-80%)

    The last two times we deadlifted it was 8 sets of 3 for 70% then 75% try 80% if it’s feeling good today


    Festivus Games 2016 WOD 1 (Weight)


    Partner WOD

    In 8 minutes ea. athlete finds their 1RM complex of:

    3 Deadlifts

    1 Hang Power Clean

    2 Front Squat

    Score is total weight of both partners, everyone clicks RX button. Put your partners name in your notes & your individual complex weight in your notes incase you do this again with a different partner.

    You don’t have to wait for 1 partner to finish to get in your lifts work together as your adding weight one rests while the other is going.

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