• 10/03/2015


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    Athlete Call Outs


    Coach Sams 21st B-Day WOD (Time)

    In teams of 3

    1.) Handstand walk as a team from south side of the rig to the wall

    *Scale A) Partner assisted HS walk

    **Scale B) wheelbarrow if no one can kick up to a handstand

    21 x HSPU’s

    Scale A) Mats, Scale B) A-Frame HSPU

    94 x Pullups * With 21 pullups to go (@73) 1 person grab bars and weights

    9 x Snatch Complex of

    (1 x Full Snatch, 1 x OH Squat) 115/75

    *Add Weight

    28 x C&J’s 135/95

    9 x Floor Wipers each (L+R = 1)

    *Get AbMat

    94 x Situps total

    *Get Wall Ball

    21 x Conga Line Wall Balls 20/14

    1-1-1, 2-2-2, 3-3-3. Everyone

    does 21 total.

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