• 09/26/2013

    Way to go Flight Crew on your 1RM back squats today! Tons of new PR’s we had some classes where every Athlete PR’d
    Very proud of you guys on all your hard work!

    Row 500M
    20 x Pass Thrus
    20 x Push Press w/PVC
    20 x Arm circles each direction
    Partner PVC Stretch (20 second hold)

    Find new 1RM shoulder press
    Shoulder Press (5-5-3-3-1-1)

    -Rules.. Bar cannot touch the ground
    3 Burpee penalty for every time the bar does

    No more than 3 reps in a row per exercise
    must do each movement at least 3 times

    Score is total reps in the 5 min complex
    Metcon (Time)
    5 Min Barbell Complex

    Your choice in any order of

    Hang Clean
    Front Squat
    Shoulder Press
    Push Press
    Jerk or Split Jerk
    Behind neck Jerk
    Back Squat

    Extra Credit
    Remainder of hour working on
    Posterior Chain Accessory movements

    Reverse Hyper
    Banded Good Mornings x 50
    Hollow Rock to Superman

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