• 09/22/2014


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    Box Jump / Pull-Up (No Measure)

    Pick 1
    Row 500 / Run 400 / Jump Rope 3 min

    2 Rounds
    3 x Strict or partner assisted pullups
    6 x Burpees
    9 x Jump Squats
    12 x Walking Lunges


    Metcon (Time)

    Buy in: 30/20 Cal Row
    Then: 12-9-6
    Box Jump Overs with 2-foot takeoff 24/20 *30″ distance
    Hang Cleans 115/75#
    Cash out: 1 minute max effort Double Unders subtracts 1/2 second per rep

    Buy in: 150 Single Unders
    Then: 12-9-6
    Box Jumps with step-ups permitted
    Hang Cleans 75/55#
    Cash out: 20/15 Cal Row
    RX remember to subtract 1/2 a second for every Dub you do in 1 minute at the end of the WOD. The 1 minute starts as soon as you finish the last Hang Clean

    Cash Out

    Optional but encouraged
    1 mile run (Not for time)
    4 Rounds
    25 x Situps
    10 x T2B
    (No score)

    Treat as a cool down / Extra credit.
    Run in groups, partner up, help someone with T2B or K2E if you already have them. Do sit-ups with someone. Be a teammate. Encourage and be encouraged!

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