• 09/14/2016

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    Run/Row or Jump Rope

    Front Rack mobility

    Outlaw Barbell Warm Up Clean (No Measure)

    5 Reps of each

    Clean Pull to Power Pos.

    Jump Shrug

    Clean from Power Pos.

    Front Squat


    Power Jerk


    3 Position Clean (E2MOM x 12 (6 sets) building)

    Top to Bottom

    High Hang

    Top of Knee

    Below Knee

    *Without setting the bar down
    Work from top to bottom hitting all 3 positions without setting the bar down climbing in weight ea set working up to a heavy complex. Record heaviest successful weight


    *warm up to OH Squat weight while setting up for the WOD

    Run in heats after the first heat is off the rowers start the next heat on the next full minute

    Granite Games 2016 Event 11 (Time)

    row for calories (50/40)

    25 box jump overs (24in/20in)

    15 overhead squats (185lbs/125lbs)

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