• 09/12/2013

    Thank you Jesselyn Zbtowski for stopping by & working out with us!

    CrossFit Flight, thank you so much for letting me drop in today!! You’ve got a great box! Thanks for making sure I felt welcome and paying close attention during lifting to give great coaching!







    McGill WarmUp
    Neck–> Chin to Chest x 10
    Neck –> Side to Side x 10
    Shoulder Rolls x10
    Arm Circles –> Forward x10
    Backward x 10, Each Arm
    Hip Circles (Hula Hoops) x 10
    Knee Circles x 10
    Ankle Circles x 10 each ankle

    15 Minutes Snatch Practice
    Squat Snatch & Power Snatch

    Metcon (Time)
    5 Rounds

    5 x Power Snatch 95/65
    10 x KB Swings 50/35
    5 x Bar facing Burpees
    10 x Situps

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