• 09/09/2013

    The Paleo Challenge has come to an end & Monday I will announce the winners.  Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday night to our post paleo party.  It was an awesome turnout and a lot of fun!  We need to do that more often, our CrossFit Flight crew is truly family.  Thanks to Lori Coleman for hosting the event at her Beautiful home!  It was amazing!

    Today we are doing the Bear Complex.  5 Rounds total.  You will do 7 sets before setting the bar down of:

    Power Clean
    Front Squat
    Push Press
    Back Squat
    Behind neck Jerk

    Only setting the bar down in between rounds to add more weight.  Your score will be the total amount of weight that was on the bar at the each round combined.

    [youtube http://youtu.be/0WOP9J7QPwI]

    5 min mobility
    Hips / Bottom squat / Front Rack


    30 Squats
    20 Pass Thrus
    30 OH Squats

    Warm up to 75%
    5 @ 75%
    3 @ 85%
    1 or more @ 95%
    Back Squat (5-3-1)
    Complete 5 rounds:
    Complete the following cycle 7 times each round:

    Power Clean
    Front Squat
    Push Press
    Back Squat
    Behind neck Jerk
    Rest 90 seconds between rounds or enough time to change weight.

    1 Round = cycling thru each movement 7 times before setting bar down. Do that 5 times thru.

    *Do not drop the weight. Stay connected through the round.
    *If weight is dropped, count number of drops and perform an equal amount of burpees as a penalty.
    *Work up the heaviest weight possible.


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