• 08/15/13

    Great job this week Flight Crew! This has been a great week, packed classes in every time slot. I’m proud of the progress you guys & gals are making each and every day! Today we will be partnering up and working on C&J’s. Post WOD you will have time
    to work on Mobility and/or one of your GOATS. Don’t forget Friday there is no Yoga! Also we have our Free Friend and Family Fridays at noon, 4:15pm & 5:15pm! Bring a friend and share your passion for CrossFit with them. The movements will be simple and scalable.

    [youtube http://youtu.be/9IWnlXTkixs]

    Warm up to be performed in single file line.
    If a person can’t do a strict pull up the person behind them will assist.

    2 Rounds

    3 x Strict Pullups
    6 x Push-Ups
    9 x Jump Squats
    12 x Lunges (6 ea. leg)

    C&J Progression as group w/ PVC
    Push Jerk & Split Jerk

    Partner up. Warm Up 10 @ Bar
    2-2-2-2-2-2…… Record heaviest 2 rep max
    Clean and Jerk (2-2-2-2-2-2-2)

    Extra Credit
    With the rest of the hour work on Mobility
    Partner PVC shoulder stretch, Foam Roll etc.
    &/ OR work on one of your Goats!

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