• 08/08/2013


    Don’t forget this Saturday is our Beach WOD!! Meeting @ Box at 10am leaving by 10:30
    WOD starts at 11:00am. If you know where Laketown Beach is you can meet us there.
    Paleo Potluck afterwards!


    [youtube http://youtu.be/Mvhxum803go]

    Awesome Job this week Flight Crew!
    Keep up the hard work


    5 Minutes Mobility on your own
    Foam Roll, Shoulders, calves, hips etc

    3 Rds
    10 x Pass Thrus
    10 x Split Jerks w/pvc
    10 x Sit ups

    Partner PVC Shoulder Stretch

    A.) Max rep pull-ups
    B.) Kipping & or Butterfly technique

    Scale for Burpee pull-ups if using band =
    Do 25 Burpees and 25 pullups.
    Can break up however you need to
    i.e 15 Burpess, 15 pullups,
    10 burpees, 10 pullups

    Metcon (Time)
    Run 1 Mile
    25 x Burpee Pull-ups
    25 x S2OH 115/75
    25 x KB Swings 50/35
    25 x T2B

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