• 08/07/2013


    Great Job yesterday Flight crew on your Front Squats!! Today there will be no Metcon. We are working on mobility and doing some Pulling aka Deadlifting. The remainder of Class time will be used for accessory work, GHR’s, Reverse Hyper & some sled pulls and Prowler Pushes.

    [youtube http://youtu.be/HomJymq0VZE]


    Deadlift Warm – Up
    1 Round

    Run 200M
    20 x Jumping Jacks
    20 x Squat 2 toe touch
    20 x Calve Jumps
    40 yd High Knees
    40 yd Butt Kicks
    5 x Spiderman stretch ea. leg 10 sec.
    5 x Groiners
    5 x Fire Hydrants ea. leg 3-way
    Run 200M

    Hip mobility w/ band
    Banded Good Mornings

    Warm up to 70%
    3 @ 70%, 80%, 90%
    Last set @ 90% is 3 or more
    Record max reps at 90%
    Deadlift (3-3-3+)

    Cash Out
    GHR’s, Reverse Hyper
    Sled Pulls & Prowler work for remaining hour

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