• 07/18/2015


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    Running line drills (No Measure)

    Coach cued:



    Sprint stance/360/360

    Power skip/ High knees/ Power skip


    Box Crawl WOD (AMRAP – Reps)

    Partner WOD

    4 x 5 minute stations with 1 minute rest / time to switch stations. Up to

    7 teams of 2 per station.

    AMRAP 5

    12 x Kettle Bell Swings 50/35

    9 x Box Jumps 24/20

    6 x S2OH 135/95

    KB’s = Partner A

    Box Jumps = Partner B

    S2OH = Partner A


    KB’s = Partner B

    Box Jumps = Partner A

    S2OH = Partner B

    Score = total reps

    1 minute rest/switch

    AMRAP 5

    Max Reps Bench 135/95

    Row for Calories

    Score = reps + cals

    1 minute rest/switch

    AMRAP 5

    Double Unders

    While Partner B runs 200m

    Switch after each run

    1pt for every 10 Dubs or 20 singles

    1 minute rest/switch

    AMRAP 5

    Tire Flips

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