• 06/16/2015


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    Deadlift Coach Call Out (No Measure)

    Samson stretch down / Jog back

    OH Lunge / Jog back

    Squat 2 toe touch


    Good mornings

    Super Man 2 Hollow body rock


    DE: Sumo Deadlift w/band (10×2 )

    Work up to a weight you can move quickly for a double against band tension. See weight from last time & add 5-10#’s

    Re-Jacked Partner WOD (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


    AMRAP 10

    5 x Push Press 115/75

    5 x T2B

    5 x Box Jumps 24/20*

    *RX no step ups

    Scaled 75/55

    Knee raises

    Step ups allowed for scaled
    Partner A does 5 x PP

    Partner B does 5 x T2B

    Partner A does 5 x BJ

    Next round it switches

    Partner B does 5 x PP

    Partner A does 5 x T2B

    Partner B does 5 x BJ

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