• 06/02/2016

    CROSSFIT FLIGHT, CrossFit Flight Grand Haven1 – CrossFit

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    Upper/ Lower #2 Warm Up (No Measure)

    3 Rds

    10 x Jumping Jacks

    10 x Pass Thrus

    10 x OH Squats

    10 x Samson Stretch


    For those lacking upper thoracic mobility or external rotation work on mobility and sitting on a box with the bar on your back, press the bar OH then stand up don’t worry about weight work on technique & mobility

    Snatch Balance (5-5-3-3 find 3RM in 4 sets)

    add weight and start singles on OH Squat Max

    Overhead Squat (1-1-1-1 find 1RM in 4 sets)

    Last maxes:

    4/4/16 3RM

    3/14/16 2RM

    2/4/16 1RM


    OPEX Winter Classic 14.1 Max DT Complex (Weight)

    Find max DT Complex

    12 Deadlifts

    9 Hang PC

    6 S2OH

    Rest 5 min

    x 3

    *pick a reasonable weight to start then you get 2 more attempts moving up in weight. Score is the weight on the bar for your heaviest unbroken set of DT


    OPEX Winter Classic 14.2 (Time)


    Unbroken C2B

    -10 Min Cap

    -must break between all sets

    -score is time to complete

    OPEX Winter Classic 14.3 (Time)

    50 Cal Row

    50 BS 75/55

    40 Cal Row

    40 FS

    30 Cal Row

    30 OHS

    -All Squats must be unbroken if you drop the bar you must perform 15 bar facing burpee penalty then continue reps

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