• 05/03/2017

    CROSSFIT FLIGHT, CrossFit Flight Grand Haven1 – CrossFit

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    Athlete Call Outs Warm Up (No Measure)


    Bench Press (5 @ 75%, 3 @ 85%, 1+ @ 95%)


    Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

    AMRAP 15

    Row 750 @ some point

    (last set of rowers start by the 11:00 mark)

    Buy In: 4 TGU per arm


    5 Push Ups

    10 Goblet Squats

    15 Situps

    Everyone RX’s & clicks the blue button, TGU & Goblet weight determined during skill work. Knee pushups ok today for RX. Score is Total rounds and reps of Pushups, Goblets and Situps

    Rest 2 Min

    1 Min Burpee Test (AMRAP – Reps)

    1 Minute to establish max rep Burpees

    Hips & Sternum must touch ground

    must jump & clap at top

    Auxiliary Training

    30 Reps for time OHS @80% (Time)


    30 Reps for time @ 80%

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