• 04/23/2016

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    Athlete Call Outs Warm Up (No Measure)


    Touch all the KB’s Race



    Metcon (Time)

    Teams of 3

    AMRAP 21

    DT w/ Row

    12 DL

    9 HC

    6 S2OH

    135/95 RX 155/105RX+

    *Ea partner does 2rds of DT while 1 partner Rows for Calories and other partner rests.

    *Ea person does 6rds of DT

    2 sets x’s 3 = 6 sets x 3 people =18

    Score 1 = time to finsih all 18 sets of DT

    then continue rowing until 21 minutes is up

    **1 second per rep penalty if DT isn’t finished under 21 minutes

    Metcon (Calories)

    Part 2 = Calories Rowed

    Rest 3 Min

    Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

    AMRAP 4

    Alternating Partner Burpees

    — Every 12 reps ea. partner must deadlift their DT bar once then resume burpees

    Deadlift after ea 12 reps as a group / every 4 burpees per person.

    Score 3= Burpees in 4 minutes

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