• 04/15/2014


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    Animal Movements (No Measure)

    3 Rds

    Monkey Bars
    Bear Crawl
    Crab walk
    Backward, Sideway, Forward
    Duck Walk
    Inch Worms


    Run in heats of 4, start athletes who need more time to complete the chipper 1st

    Metcon (Time)

    Buy In: 1000m Row

    10 x HR Burpess (hand release)
    20 x T2B (scale K2E)
    30 x HR Push-Ups
    40 x Wall Balls 20/14
    50 x Double-Unders
    40 x Wall Balls 20/14
    30 x HR Push-Ups
    20 x T2B
    10 x HR Burpees


    With extra time Yoga, Foam Roll & work on mobility

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