• 04/04/2017

    CROSSFIT FLIGHT, CrossFit Flight Grand Haven1 – CrossFit

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    Upper body activation / Snatch Warm Up (No Measure)

    3 min Row

    2 Rounds on the minute

    :35 sec HS Hold/ Wall walk hold

    :35 Ring Support hold or L-Sit

    :35 Plank

    :35 Wall Sit

    (:25 sec transitions between)


    Warm up to 80% or less of 1RM Snatch

    Snatch (For %’s only)

    Metcon (Weight)

    E2MOM 14 (7 sets)

    3 x TNG Hang Squat Snatch

    @ 80% of 1RM Snatch


    Metcon (Time)


    Burpee Pull-Up

    Wall Walk

    Auxiliary Training

    Metcon (Weight)

    E2MOM 14 (7 sets)

    HPC+PC+PJ @ 85% of clean

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