• 03/25/2017

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    Thunderstruck Warm Up (No Measure)



    Coach Kellies 40th Bday WOD (AMRAP – Reps)

    AMRAP 32:20 (for 3/22)

    40′ DB Bear Crawl ea*

    22 Pistols**

    19 Burpees

    77 Partner Situps

    @ some point 1977m partner row or Run 1977m (approx 1.25 miles) as partners

    For Holland run with your partner around the pond

    *20′ DB Bear Crawl FWD, 20′ DB Bear Crawl BKWD ea partner you pick weight

    **Scale to bench, laces on heel, banded jcup or hold rig or rings for scaled pistols

    198 Reps in 1 Round, Row or run every 220m row or 200m on the run = 20 reps

    Complete the Run or Row = 180 Reps

    All reps under and around rig, keeping the floor open for Bear Crawls


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