• 02/11/2014

    Amazing job Flight Crew on recent 1RM’s. Just about everybody PR’d on Sumo Deadlifts on Monday!
    Congrats to Cody for Pulling 515#’s I know you wanted 525# but a 10lb PR is awesome.
    Remember crew slow and steady gains. 5-10lbs each time we max. Your hard work is paying off.  I was blown away at the scores on Monday’s WOD.
    Back in August you guys & gals killed your previous scores from the Open.
    This time was even more impressive, Colin 10+8, Raelynn 8+25 & Amy! 7+15 are all very good scores just to name a few. We had other athletes improve by 2+ Rounds.

    Just a reminder the CrossFit Open starts in just over two weeks. Monday’s workout was an example of the types of weights and workout you can expect. If you haven’t signed up yet please do here. games.crossfit.com
    We currently have 15 athletes registered & I know there are more of you that haven’t yet.

    3 Rounds

    1 x Body Blaster (Burpee, Pull-up, K2E)
    10 x Squats
    10 x Push-Ups
    10 x Situps

    Goal is 5-10lb PR over last time
    Floor Press (5-5-3-3-1-1)

    If in bands for Pull-ups use boxes or bumpers
    to perform jumping pull-up after Burpee

    20 Min time cap. If you don’t complete
    put number of rounds in notes
    Metcon (Time)
    30 Rounds for Time

    1 x Body Blaster
    (Burpee, Pull-Up, K2E)

    1 x Body Complex
    (Squat, Push-Up, Situp)

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