• 01/04/2016


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    John’s Warm Up (No Measure)

    Run 400m

    10 x Pass Thrus

    10 x OH Squats

    10 x Good Mornings

    10 x Push -ups

    10 x Chin Ups (Reverse Grip)

    Downward Dog

    Upward Dog

    Childs Pose x 30 seconds


    Kipping Countinues!! Work on expanding kipping technique towards C2B and Bar Muscle-ups. Become more violent and aggressive with the hips and closing of the shoulders at the back of the swing to propel yourself up and over the bar.


    Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

    AMRAP 20

    4 – 5:00 rounds

    Each 5:00 round consists of 4:00 of work and 1:00 of rest.

    During each 4:00 work period complete the following circuit one time:

    10 C2B Pull ups

    15 V-Sits

    25 Dubs/15 Trips

    Once you have completed the above circuit of movements one time, use the remainder of each 4:00 work period to complete as many reps of the following as possible;

    Squat Clean & Jerks 165/110#

    *Clusters allowed

    1:00 Rest between rounds

    Score for this WOD is TOTAL number of Squat Clean and Jerks completed. The 50 reps of body weight movements each round are to be considered a buy-in and not count towards the final score.


    Weightlifting B

    Clean Pull (5×3 Climbing Weight, recorded heaviest triple)

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