• Bring on the Open

    The Open is upon us, once again. I know this year I’m going to Regionals. I’ll probably finish within the top three in the highly competitive Central East Region. Then it’s on to Carson and the Stub Hub Center. Top ten would be nice, but I don’t want to set my sights too high. I’ll get some nice swag from Reebok, rub elbows with fellow CrossFit elite, meet Camille, fall in love…so will she, and walk off into the sunset in a brand new pair of Nano 6.0s.

    Sounds good, right? Totally plausible. No? What? How dare you!!

    You’re right, never gonna happen (except maybe for the Camille part). Yes, it will. Just wait.

    I’ve had several people come up to me over the last few weeks wondering why they should donate their $20 to CrossFit Corporate when they clearly aren’t going to advance beyond the Open, much less win the Games. My answer is usually to inform them that that’s not what the Open is really all about. It’s about you against who you were last year, or two years ago….or who you were when you started CrossFit. In 2013 I was top 11% of Men’s Individual division, last year top 7% … out of about 85,000 Rx Men. This year, I’m aiming for top 5%. Fingers Crossed.

    It’s the same as any other competition, or what the 2016 Goal board at the box is all about. You set a goal for yourself and work towards it with everything you have. I encourage every person that asks about the Open to register, and set a goal of where they’d like to finish. For some that means completing the WODs. And that’s great! It’s a goal! The best way to improve is to set a goal and then WORK TOWARDS IT! Track your performance, and adjust to improve. It doesn’t matter if you win the Open or finish dead last, as long as you have tested yourself as an athlete and over the course of those five weeks, found ways to challenge and improve yourself.

    That’s my advice, if you don’t think you can do it … then you should definitely do it.

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