• Upcoming changes/ Scheduling / News

    Upcoming changes/ Scheduling / News

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    Wow what an amazing turnout this weekend!  Thank you for all of our Flight Crew that made it out.  The food & company were amazing. Could not have asked for more.  I hope you all had as good of a time as I did.  I can’t wait to plan the next big outing, every time we get together it seems to be a bigger crowd with new & old faces, It’s so great to hang out with everyone outside of the box.  Thanks again Scott & Amanda Brooks for the hospitality and Raelynn for the awesome pics!  Everyone is enjoying those on FB!!

    Ok Flight Crew back to biz.  Here are some changes and exciting new news about things taking place at the box starting Monday!  We will no longer have our 7am & 8am Classes, We are making room for more On Ramp beginners classes.  It is mandatory that all new members go through the on ramp beginners program to learn the 9 Fundamental movements as well as some other aspects to CrossFit that we coaches feel necessary. Our goal is to we spend less time teaching from scratch during class and be able to work more with everyone.  The cost for On Ramp is $99 but for those of you that are already members that would like to attend and work more on the basics in a smaller group can join for 1/2 off!  $50 for 4 sessions.  I encourage anyone who did not do On Ramp when it was “optional” that is struggling with the movements to invest the $50 in yourself & get better with a PVC so it’s much easier when you get under the barbell. The On Ramp class will include warm up, more time on the fundamental skills and a short WOD putting into action the skills you learned so it will still be a great workout!
    We have two am classes Tues & Thurs @ 7am, Classes at 11am W/F/S, Evening classes on M/W at 7:15pm.

    Next order of Business:  FRIDAY’s  We are adding some things to the Friday Open Gym day.  We still have Yoga @ 6am & 9am (this is free and everyone should be doing Yoga to work on their flexibility, mobility and core strength)  Between the 2 Yoga classes from 7am-9am we will be adding a barbell club (Barbells & Bacon)  This is a time for you athletes to come in and work on whatever lifts you want to from Olympic to Powerlifting
    Coach John will be there to help with technique (there will be no set format or programming)  Just a chance to come in with other athletes and work on getting better lifting.  At 10am until Noon we will have another group training working on Mobility. This 10am class called Rasta Mobility Mash (Reggae music mandatory) will be a 2 hour block of time where you can stop in anytime from 10-12 and work with the group on those tight spots that you need work on. Again coach John will be around to help you with your matted down nasty tissues using Bands, Voodoo Floss, LAX balls etc.

    The Biggest change to Fridays is our Free Friend and Family Friday.  This is your chance to have your Friends and Family come try CrossFit for free and workout with them. The workouts will consist of less complex movements and scalable for everyone to try for a first time without needing experience or On Ramp.  We will hold these classes at noon, 4:15pm & 5:15pm.

    We will still have Open gym from 10am – 6pm with these other groups / classes running simultaneously.  You are encouraged to bring Kids, Family & Friends to attend!

    I am very proud of everyone’s effort and performances lately.  Keep up the good work guys and gals.  Lots of new things going on at the BOX as we try to provide the best atmosphere, programming, coaching and facility to help you reach your Fitness goals.
    We just received a huge order of new equipment, our new Rig/Rack is in the process of being built to accommodate our recent expansion.  Wodify & our new logo and website have been a huge hit.  I promise to continue to advance our box in the right direction, your hard work motivates me to continue to work hard as well.  If you haven’t heard already we have a new Coach who will be interning with me over the next few months, Raelynn passed her CrossFit Level 1 Certification!  Congratulations Raelynn!!!

    Coach Johnny

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