• Olympic Lifting Seminar

    Flight Crew! This Saturday Sept. 7th Eric Mcgill will be hosting an Olympic lifting Seminar at the Box.  You won’t want to miss this, Eric is an amazing Olympic weightlifter and is now part of the CrossFit HQ Olympic lifting seminar staff for the Midwest. He will be sharing with you the same technique and information that is taught at the Olympic lifting seminar thru CrossFit for much less money. The seminar will run from 11am – 5pm on Saturday Sept. 7th. He will be teaching and helping you with your Clean & Jerk and Snatch. Here is a list of Eric’s accomplishments.

    2007 NAS Strongman National Champion 265 lbs class
    2008 State of Michigan Champion Olympic Weightliftig
    2009 State of Michigan Champion Olympic Weightlifting
    2010 State of Michigan Champion Olympic Weightlifting
    2010 IKFF Long Cycle Sprint National Champion 32 kg bells Pro Class
    2011 IKFF Long Cycle National Champion 24 kg bells Pro Class
    State Record Holder Olympic Weightlifting 165 kg Clean a Jerk 105+ Class
    American Record Holder Long Cycle Sprint 32 kg bells 27 reps in 3:00

    Event Sign Up

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      $50 cash payable to coach John prior to event
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    […] lifting seminar, if you are interested in attending see Coach John or read and sign up on the blog I posted about the event.  We also have a Post Paleo Party this Saturday night.  Again read the blog and register or see […]


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