• Athlete of the Month – September 2016

    Welcome to fall everyone!

    We are happy to announce September’s Athletes of the Month as Brad and Annie Fuzak, which is not a surprise to most! It really is something special when a couple can share in their fitness journey and continue to grow together.



    Annie was one of the first members at our gym and is a part of the 5am Breakfast Club. She has an amazing work ethic and is such a fun spirit to have around.

    I have been at CrossFit Flight a little over 4 years (this past June). I had always been involved in sports my entire childhood…any sport, you name it, I tried it! That continued through high school and into college playing volleyball and running track for Alma College. Fitness and athletics are literally part of my DNA, it’s just who I am. So, once I graduated college, got married and had a baby on the way, life was full steam ahead. Really the only exercise I could afford or had time for was running. I really missed the intensity of other types of workouts and sports. To get back in shape after each of my kids, I trained for and ran a marathon. It worked, but I was getting bored…que Chris Bos. Chris mentioned to me at one point that I should come and try out Crossfit. I have to admit, it sounded terrifying in he sense that I had not picked up a weight in years! After my first session with John to run through the baseline workout, I was hooked!

    My favorite part about Crossfit, is that it fulfills all things I missed about competitive athletics and fitness. This will easily be part of my fitness routine the rest of my life! Even if you have only been part of CFF for a short time, it doesn’t take long to figure out that it is the people who surround you daily during those workouts that keep you coming back!

    This past year has been extra special because now my husband Brad has joined CFF. It is simply another opportunity to spend time together doing something we both enjoy.



    I started CrossFit on a bet, 1 year ago, and love it! Stronger than I’ve ever been. I would love to do a competition in the next year. What I love most, is how helpful and supportive everybody is.

    Annie also threw in that he forgot to say the most fun part about the gym is being able to work out with his wife 😉 Though a man of few words, he is an awesome member to have around and has been able to move really well from the start. We can’t wait to see where you compete this next year, Brad!

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