• Athlete of the Month – November 2016

    November marks one year of nominating athletes’ of the month! We are not even close to running out of awesome athletes, and this month is no exception.

    Congrats are in order for Micah Highwalking and Chris Pollack!


    Micah came to us not that long ago and has hit the ground running from the very start. Micah was apart of the first 6 week challenge that we hosted and has seen amazing results in that short amount of time, so she decided to stick around and do CrossFit with the rest of the Crew! I have learned a lot about Micah and none of it is short of amazing. She is 29 years old and originally from Montana.

    “I recently moved to Holland for my career and have found an awesome community at CrossFit Flight! I have always been involved in sports or pushing my body to its limits in the military (she’s a West Point Grad!!!) but always steered clear of CrossFit because of the negative views around it, mainly seeing injuries. Those thoughts of fear and avoidance have definitely been crushed due to the extreme professionalism and care of the coaches at CrossFit Flight. I was introduced to CrossFit via the 6-week program. During those 6 weeks I gained trust not only in the coaches but also in myself. I know that form and safety is a top priority and because of that I am more open to correction, to ask questions about proper movements, and to take better care of body.

    For me CrossFit has become a tool that provides balance in my life. We all have different struggles in our personal or career lives and at different points. What has helped me is transforming the good, the bad, the ugly, and the indifferent thoughts into weight and physically and visually pushing through them. Some days it may be the uneasy thoughts of the water protectors in Standing Rock and the physical pain they have endured, some days it’s the hard days at work when I come up short, and other days it may a be a new goal I’m aiming for, all transform into weight. Weight that I can push through and weight that I can move because of the strength I have developed during my short tenure. All of this leads to a greater mental and physical strength which enables me to give back to those in need. I am not here to live a small life and CrossFit has become a pivotal part in making sure of that!




    Chris is relatively new to us as well and has become a regular with the breakfast club at 5am. He is a very fast learner and is one of the nicest people you will meet. He has recently introduced his son to CrossFit too, and hoping he’ll pick back up with Chris as soon as his swim season is over! Chris is an Engineering Manager at Gentex Corporation , he married his high school sweetheart twenty years ago, they have two boys (Jacob 14 and Luke 12) and we live in Zeeland.  His spare time is spent watching the boys follow their interests, traveling when we can and spending time outdoors.

    “I chose to try CrossFit because I had become burnout on running and had been struggling to find something that worked well enough as a replacement, that I enjoyed enough to be consistent.  In trying to find options I kept reading that high intensity interval training was a great method for staying in shape and in several of the same discussions or articles CrossFit was consistently mentioned.  I heard about the summary of the games on Netflix so I watched that, which piqued my interest.  From there I found our box, talked with John and my first four months are behind me.
    Since starting I have really enjoyed the variety of the exercises, the fact that your workout is planned for you, that everyone does the same exercises and have enjoyed getting to know the people that I struggle beside each day.  I also like that you can compete against yourself, the clock or others in your class and that you feel accountable to those that train with you.”
    We are so happy you guys chose us to guide you on your fitness/life journey! Continue being great!!

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