• Athlete of the Month – November 2015


    CrossFit Flight continues to grow leaps and bounds as the years go on. With growth, you encounter athletes that make your gym and your community better as a whole. This is one of the reasons the coaching staff has decided to give a little more recognition to the athletes that conduct themselves as an integral part of the Flight Crew. We would now like to introduce you to the first ever athletes of the month.

    November Athlete(s) of the Month: Tim and Lisa Zwagerman


    When the coaching staff met to vote on this month’s nominees, there was no doubt in our minds that Tim and Lisa both had the characteristics and attributes we look for in our members. When I first told Tim and Lisa that they were voted the athletes of the month, they could not believe we picked them. That is the reaction you look for when people are truly deserving of this honor. We based our decision on how these athletes interact with other members, how they conduct themselves during workouts, and their overall progress.

    If you haven’t guessed, Tim and Lisa are a married couple that are a part of the CrossFit Flight community. Lisa is very special to us as she sets aside time to make sure the gym is always above and beyond clean and we are so thankful for her. Tim joined the gym a little while after Lisa and they now love to workout together and talk about their workouts over dinner :)

    We asked Tim and Lisa a few questions about their journey with CrossFit and how it has changed them as a people and as a athletes. Here are their responses:

    • How long have you been CrossFitting?

    Tim   6 months. Lisa 14 months.


    • What changes in your life have you noticed the most with CrossFit?

    Tim:  I am less stressed. Crossfit helps me burn off energy. Physically I am in better shape than I have ever been in my life. Crossfit has helped me become more health conscious with my food choices. Knowing I have a WOD to do, it keeps me from eating junk food all day.

    Lisa:  I have more energy and feel better than I have in years! I am more aware of what I am eating as well.


    • What is your favorite part about our gym?

    Tim:  The people there are very helpful, always giving advice and pushing me to work harder!

    Lisa:  The people for sure. All of the help I have been given is priceless!


    • What was your original goal after you started? What is your goal now?

    Tim: My original goal was to be more active and get into better shape. My goal now is to keep improving my fitness level and to conquer some goats.

    Lisa: My original  goal was to not give up. I have been known to give up in the past. Quitting was not an option. My goal now is to keep improving my fitness level and conquer my goats.


    • What is it like to workout with your husband/wife?

    Tim: Working out as a couple has been good for our relationship. We are always talking about the day’s WOD and checking each others scores. We can offer encouragement and support.

    Lisa:  It is fun to workout together and cheer each other on. We like to compare our times and weights we use. It has been great for our relationship.


    • What is your favorite workout? Why?

    Tim:  I like the longer Hero WODS and Birthday WODS. They really push my endurance level.

    Lisa: I agree with Tim on this.


    • What is something you would say to someone who is leery to start CrossFit?

    Tim:  It can be overwhelming and intimidating, but everyone is there to help you succeed. When I started, I never thought I would be doing many of the things I am doing now.

    Lisa: Give it a chance. It seems quite overwhelming but that phase is over once you meet your coach and realize that they want you to succeed.

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