• Athlete of the Month – June 2016

    Athlete of the Month – June 2016

    CrossFit Flight is pleased to announce Athlete of the Month for June to two very deserving individuals. This month Laura Zwagerman and Mike Piechocki have been nominated! Congrats to you two!

    In case some of you didn’t know, Mike and Laura met each other at the gym around 3 years ago and are happily dating! They love working out together and with their kids, who come to class most days and give them a run for the money 😉 These two are awesome people to look up to at our box13319950_10154259903087049_4148316648500212989_n

    Mike is always the first to crack a joke and he has the best attitude about working out and life in general.

    Mike’s favorite parts of the box is the sense of team/family, and working out with his sons.

    No matter how diverse or different the age, abilities, or backgrounds, when we are there we are all on the same team working to overcome the same struggle.

    I absolutely love having my sons workout with me. I think that pushing yourself and learning how to dig deep and do things that your body is begging you not to really really helps your mental toughness. In this regard it has really helped to expand what they believe they are capable of (awesome for self-esteem). Going through that together gives us a common struggle and a talking point throughout the week. Since they are teenagers any time spent as a unit is precious. Plus, it doesn’t suck when they look at their old dad’s Wodify and see a big number on a lift and go, ‘Damn… the old man still has it!’

    He also loves working out with Laura.

    A lot of the above reasons apply to working out with Laura, too. I firmly believe that when it comes to a good relationship, you need to have a common purpose and common goals. You also need to be prepared for the grind that is needed to achieve that goal. Seeing each other working hard makes the other work hard and you grow closer. The fact that I can look over and see her pushing through when I know she wants to be done fosters a level of respect that I wouldn’t have otherwise.


    Laura is one of the sweetest people you will meet. She always shows up ready to kick butt and work as hard as she can.

    Laura loves that she can just show up and know that she’ll get a good workout in no matter what it is and not having to talk herself into it.

    I don’t make it in as often as I would like and I show up at all different times but the energy at the box is always fantastic and I love the people.

    Partner WODs are her favorite workouts to do with her son, Slater.

    Weekends are all about family time for us and it is always fun to compare numbers on workouts

    Laura also loves working out with Mike :)

    He usually destroys me on strength but sometimes I can catch him on body weight or in cardio WODs. We both love blowing off steam here and all of the Crew is like family to us.

    Laura, Mike and the three boys have all bonded well and do a lot together inside and outside the box. Again, congrats to you guys! You earned it!


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