• Athlete of the Month – February 2016

    Welcome to February! You know what that means… athlete of the month time! As before, we have chosen athletes that exhibit those amazing attributes that makes others look up to them. We have also officially decided that there will be two athletes voted for this honor every month. Most of our coaches lead either the morning classes or afternoon classes so it is hard to have a unanimous decision for one person. Without further ado, your February Athletes of the Month are:

    Evan Szymczak & Dinah Haverdink!

    Evan was voted for the athlete of the month for the afternoon classes. I have had the pleasure of being a part of Evan’s journey since the very beginning and I can’t count on my fingers how many things he has improved. Evan almost never misses a class and is always one to make sure he is doing everything correctly, which shows a lot of character and patience. Nothing comes easy in this sport and that’s the fun part. evan

    – What first brought you to CrossFit?

    I came to a conclusion that eating entire frozen pizzas in one sitting wasn’t working for me as a fitness routine. I had always wanted to lift weights, but I knew I’d need some professional coaching to start. I’m not into the whole snapping my spine scene.

    – What is your favorite part about our gym?

    Professionally developed, incredibly varied workout routines are essential for me, and the coaching staff at Crossfit Flight delivers better than FedEx. We all agree that the coaches here are phenomenal, and between their efforts and the knowledge of the other athletes, I come away from each class having learned something new. I enjoy coming in to class knowing that we will be tortured, and find triumph, together as a community of athletes.

    – Are you doing the Open? Why or why not?

    Yes. Sounds like a cool opportunity to see where I stand among other athletes. And winning that $2 million championship prize in the CrossFit Games would be alright with me.

    – What is your biggest accomplishment thus far?

    Consistently proving that little voice in my head wrong. The one that says “You can’t do 150 wall balls, that’s impossible!” Then I do 150 wall balls, and tell that voice to shut up. Right now, thanks to CrossFit Flight, I am the strongest, best looking, most excellent shape I have ever been in my life – and I’m only 6 months in! I’m really looking forward to continuing on, and pushing myself further.

    Dinah hasn’t stopped working hard since she started this past fall. Not unlike other athletes in their first few months, she has made “gains” in almost everything. She has even sought out more training on Friday’s at 5am with some of the Breakfast Club ladies as accessory work. For someone who has been an athlete all of her life she has taken to CrossFit like a fish to water.

    -What first brought you to CrossFit?

    I was in sports year around growing up. After college I wasn’t able to find something I really loved to do. Not being around other athletes/teammates working towards common goals, made the desire to stay active slowly fade. I wasn’t finding the workouts I was doing, making any real affects overall. I was considering giving CrossFit a try but was hesitant. Tonya gave me the extra push to do it and I am glad she did!

    -What is your favorite part about our gym?

    My favorite thing about Flight is that everyone works together and pushes each other to be better. I enjoy watching the veterans and learning from them. It’s nice that the coaches are always quick to give advice and encouragement to help us improve. It makes for a fun atmosphere to be a part of.

    -Are you doing the Open? Why or why not?

    I just signed up! I figure it can’t hurt, right? It will be fun to push myself a little harder to see what I can physically do and what I need to work on. I’m excited to see the results!

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