• Athlete of the Month – December 2016

    As this year comes to a close we reflect on the many athletes that our gym is blessed with and we, as coaches, couldn’t be more thankful. You guys make our jobs the best and challenge us daily. We come in everyday and are ready to hit the ground running because we have the best Crew in the world!

    And now to our elects for the month of December: Ashlyn Fite and Frank Marro!!

    Both of these people have come to us by way of the 6 Week New You Challenge and we are so happy they did.


    Ashlyn has been one of those athletes that always has a smile on her face when she comes in. You can tell she has been looking forward to the gym all day. Not only is she an extremely fast learner, she helps others that aren’t so quick to the draw. She never makes excuses for herself and is an amazing energy to have around.

    “I decided to start the 6 week challenge when I was at a standstill with my own workout routine. I needed workouts that would challenge me and push me further than my own running or weight lifting regimen in the gym. I lost 60 pounds on my own but I still craved seeing changes.

    Since I started I have loved that I don’t have to plan my workout and that we do so many different exercises. I also love that there are always people by your side to push you through your workout. The energy here is incredible and I look forward to every class. I promised myself in 2016 I was going to finally make a change with my health and I have done that with incredible results. I can’t wait to continue this promise to myself for 2017, in the box.”




    Frank was a no-brainer when he was brought up as a possible athlete of the month. Just from his testimony alone, we can all relate to him in some way. He is the kind of person you want on your team because he doesn’t give up. We are so glad he is staying with us following the New You Challenge!

    “Thank you, Crossfit Flight! I’m very humbled to be named one of your athletes of the month, for December.

    My journey to the gym began only a year ago when, at age 53 and weighing 215lbs, my doctor told me that I was pre-diabetic, and needed to do something about it. I wanted to lose 20lbs, so I started climbing the steps at Mount Baldhead in Saugatuck, and changing my eating habits. After 2 months, I’d lost the 20lbs, and after a 35 year break, began running again. I was a runner in high school, and I now wanted to race again!

    Fast forward to late September. I’d dealt with the frustration of injury, but also the joy of running in 2 races, and taking home a 2nd place medal, and a first place medal, for my age group! Oh by the way, I’d also dropped my weight to 160lbs. Here’s some irony for you: I was now, too thin… LOL!

    I joined the New You Challenge to help me move forward in my journey. Until November, I’d never belonged to a gym, nor had I EVER lifted weights. My goal is to gain back 10-15lbs properly, through training and healthy eating. I’m also looking to improve on my running, and cut down on injuries…

    As the New You Challenge comes to an end, I’ve decided to stay on here, and continue my journey. I’ve never been as fit as I am today, and I’m ecstatic over the results of cross training. Thanks to all of the coaches, your teaching and encouragement is invaluable. You are all great motivators, and I’m grateful…”

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