• Athlete of the Month – April 2016

    This month I have the honor of writing about Chris and Brandee Ellis who were elected for the month of April. In case you didn’t know they’re my parents so I decided to reach out to other coaches to help me write this article. Obviously I think they are awesome, but I wanted to know why they were chosen! Before I get into that, here are some reasons Chris and Brandee love CrossFit.




    What is it like to be a mom/woman involved in CrossFit?

    To be a part of somethings that is changing the way women of all ages perceive themselves is amazing. Seeing young girls who are more interested in what their bodies can do rather than what their bodies weigh is truly heartwarming. Being able to throw down with my daughter, my mom, my niece and my sister is something pretty special! Girl power!


    What is your favorite movement and why?

    My favorite movements are probably the Olympic lifts because I feel the most comfortable doing them. I also love going head to head with Sam with any lift :)


    After your injury, what was your mindset? Has it changed?

    After I broke my elbow, I wasn’t certain how much I would still be able to do. I’ll admit I was pretty blue and very mad at the prospect of not being able to continue doing the only fitness program I have ever enjoyed. I have healed both mentally and physically since then and realize that it’s going to take a lot more than a broken elbow to keep me from doing what I love.



    What is it like working out with your whole family at the gym?

    Working out as a family is a nice way to stay together and healthy at the same time. I like having the little family competition, but the whole gym feels like family and we all love to push each other.


    Why do you like CrossFit?

    I enjoy seeing failure and success with myself and others because both are important. I also like the challenges CrossFit provides. You can find strengths and weaknesses and work on both with support from like minded people who have the same goal to be better than yesterday.


    You placed very well in the Open this year, with an injury. What are your thoughts on that?

    I feel good and bad. I really wanted to finish my first complete open well, but watching the whole gym give everything they have is really the best. Our gym really is the best and I would watch or compete with anyone here. I wouldn’t want to work out anyplace else.


    “Brandee and Chris are two of the most refreshingly honest, seriously funny, and all-around-amazing people we at Flight have ever met. They are full of endless support and encouragement to both our athletes at the box and our families. As parents, they support their two children 110% in all their efforts both inside and outside the box. You can feel their pride swell as they cheer on their two kids through “life” and also as athletes. Their children, Sam and Braden, are definitely blessed with two people who will forever have their backs no matter what road they take and how hard it gets. As athletes, they continue to excel.  They barely ever miss a class, don’t make excuses, and are committed to putting in the work to see how much better they can become for themselves. Our CrossFit Flight family would be lost without them and to describe their value to the box in words is a hard thing to do.  They inspire, support, and are two of the most important pillars we have holding up the community of our box.” said Coach Raelynn.

    I just want to say another congratulations to my parents, you truly are the coolest people ever and I’d be lost without you. Lots of love!



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