I’m 56 years old I came into CrossFit as a stranger. In reality the challenge …:the new six week challenge changed my life. I’ve dealt with my stress better and it gave me mobility and gave me the strength to get up every morning and have a purpose in my life. I have leg and feet issues so I didn’t think I could hardly do anything anymore….and I’ve learned I can bend twist and I’m even learning to jump :) . CrossFit has people of all ages and sizes and it works accordingly and scales down to your needs. All of the CrossFit family have made me feel comfortable and I’m not turning back. I am happy to see 6 1/4 inches are gone forever and I totally recommend this program. A big thank you to all the CrossFit coaches, athletes, instructors, and the program. I will continue to learn to be more healthy through CrossFit.

– Jacki Horn, member since 2016

CrossFit has helped me achieve a level of fitness that I was never able to achieve when I was working out by myself at the gym or doing sports in high school and college. At the gym, you are by yourself with your headphones in doing a bunch of pointless repetitions on a machine or running to nowhere on the treadmill. Its boring and eventually you run out of motivation to go because the results just don’t seem to show up. CrossFit is a lifestyle. It has become something that I live, eat, and breathe.The results are phenomenal and best of all you are not doing it alone. You are always doing the workouts with other people which creates this feeling of accountability to be there. The people here become more then just gym buddies, they almost become a second family. I was honestly nervous coming in here because it is intimidating, but after I finished my first WOD I knew there was no going back.

– Kaitlin Dean, member since 2013

I LOATHE running! Since I am traveling, stressed and just registered for a 5k in 2 weeks thought I would hit the hotel treadmill. Thanks to my training at Invictus I breezed through my normal pace and even bumped up the speed the last mile. Best part is I didn’t have to run endless miles to achieve this improvement!

Thanks to my coaches AND fellow workout friends for pushing me and encouraging me everyday. I am lifting more than I ever imagined, gaining definition, and having more fun than thought possible when on the verge of almost puking:)

-Tonya Westerbeke, member since 2012

I just wanted to say thank you for talking me into going. I really enjoyed the wod and I have to say that you have the nicest group of people in your box!!  Everyone was very warm and welcoming.  I felt like part of the family. :)

I hope to get back there again this week.

Thanks again and please tell everyone in the gym thanks as well.

-Anita Lotti,  Drop in from another CrossFit Box

Where to start….Guess you should know I’m 51. About 3 years ago I was shown this crazy video of this guy doing this fast, intense, insane workout. I turned to the person who showed it to me and said “I work out….that’s enough. What he is doing is CRAZY.” Guess I’m the crazy one now! I love the culture of Crossfit, LOVE the Crossfit Flight Box (more like extended family). The people challenge me, I challenge me. It is just AWESOME. Thank you Crossfit Flight!!!

-Ellen Abel, Member since 2013

CF is  SO much more than a fitness program. The exemplary coaches here will help you become the best you can be; and the members encourage you and cheer you on along the way.

I’m 49 and in the best physical shape of my life thanks to CrossFit. But more importantly, CF has given me the inner strength to deal with all the curve-balls life has thrown at me this year and the fortitude to meet the challenges yet to come.
I love CrossFit Flight and consider it’s members an extended family.

-Wendy Hank, Member since 2012


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